Easter Rise - Digital Image

Easter Rise - Digital Image

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This image is available as a digital download. Images are only made available for usages that fall along the lines of spiritual formation through contemplation. Mostly my intent for making this work available in digital format is for faith communities that would like to use my work for spiritually forming their communities.

But let’s just break it down 

-Ways you CAN use this image:

  • On screens for gatherings
  • Printed bulletins for your community
  • Sermon series

* and when using, please put somewhere : “Artwork by Scott Erickson”


-Ways you CANNOT use this image:

  • Website branding and representation
  • On any sellable product (prints, shirts, mugs, etc.)
  • Organizational branding
  • Camp/Retreat brand or clothing
  • Gifts 


You will receive a link to an 18in x 24in PNG download. If you need a vector file please contact me.

*I’m willing to work with all budgets, so if you need a little help please email me.