The Calling of Peter
The Calling of Peter
The Calling of Peter

The Calling of Peter

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This is one of my new icons I made for the sanctuary of Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR.  It's about Jesus calling out Peter's true identity. Peter has settled on an identity based on his occupation... and we see this struggle throughout the gospel texts. Its only after death, resurrection, miracle, breakfast on the beach, three questions of "Do you love me?", and a baptism of Holy Fire does the identity begin to take hold. .

It's easy for me to read this story and then set upon a series of actions and activities to try to transform myself. But the real treasure in all of this is that this is not a story of will power. This is not a story of tasks to accomplish. It's a story of Grace - Loving Presence given freely and lavishly.

So today... as I work through my feelings of inadequacy, aloneness, doubt, insignificance... my hope is not in pulling up my boots straps to make it all better.... but to answer the question that is always there: "Do you love Me?"... and allow that beautiful question to transform the inner narrative of what today holds, who I am, and where this is all going. 

(excerpt from Instagram post)


 This is part of a series of works I'm calling "New Icons." These images are meant for Spiritual Formation - to use for contemplation, prayer, meditation, and spiritual practice.


Printed on museum-quality thick, durable, matte paper.

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